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Master So Dragon | Shorts | Tamil | Fengye Lin | Yue Pengfei | IOF Tamil

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Master So Dragon | Shorts | Tamil | Fengye Lin | Yue Pengfei | IOF Tamil

In the Qing Dynasty, two magistrates of the remote Linjiang County are killed by a boa constrictor. Ordinary people are worried, worship the god of boa constrictor and pray for safety. Su Qi'er and Tie Qiaosan, Palace Guardsmen, get to Linjiang County to investigate the case. After getting there, they find that Extreme Happiness Pills, a kind of drug, are popular among ordinary people in the locality. Since they can't get any help, they conceal their identities and join the beggar gang to do investigation. Later, Tie Qiaosan has a problem with his lover, and Su Qi'er gets into trouble because of Extreme Happiness Pills. But being unwilling to yield in front of adversities and with belief in justice, they go on fighting on wits and courage against the masterminds of the boa constrictor case, and bring them to justice at last.

Director : Chen Sun
Starring : Fengye Lin, Yue Pengfei, Xinyan Yu
Production company : Ying Mei Media
Release date : July 5, 2020 (China)

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